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From Middle English evere, from Old English ǣfre, originally a phrase whose first element undoubtedly consists of Old English ā "ever, always" + in "in" + an element possibly from fēore (nominative feorh) "life, existence". Compare Old English ā tō fēore "ever in life", Old English feorhlīf ‎("life").

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in any possible case; by any chance; at all (often used to intensify or emphasize a phrase or an emotional reaction as surprise or impatience): How did you ever manage to do it?

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EveR is a series of female androids developed by a team of South Korean scientists from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology in Korea University of Science and Technology. The project is headed by Baeg Moon-hong (Korean: 백문홍)…

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for ever — навсегда, навеки for ever and ever — а) на вечные времена; б) церк. во веки веков pedants will ever be carpring…

Ever – definition of ever by The Free Dictionary
1. at any time: have you ever seen it?. 2. by any chance; in any case: how did you ever find out?. 6. ever and again ever and anon archaic now and then; from time to time.

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Examples of ever in a sentence The crime rate is higher now than it has ever been. Have you ever been to France?

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ESC Ever is a former challenger team who recently qualifies for LCK. Ever started as a challenger team from South Korea in 2015. The team debuted in the Challenger Korea Spring 2015 Series 1, where they finished 5th-8th.

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Don't you ever try to use one of those on me again. The sun baked them with ever intensifying heat. Could she ever truly love any man? The conductor said it was the worst quake he ever knew.

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ever after hardly ever to remain for ever one … you ever had to fill out … … in which money has ever been stopped fro… … is the first ever such experiment

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Translate Ever in Spanish. Get the most accurate English to Spanish translations. Fast. Easy. for ever and ever for ever and a day (until end of time) para siempre; por siempre jamás.

Ever After High – YouTube
Together, the fairytale friends adventure for the legendary Winter Rose, so they can list the curse and make this the most Epic Winter ever after! Watch full episodes on Netflix!

Ever (@Ever) | Твиттер
Последние твиты от Ever (@Ever). Ever is a photo app that helps you #MakeMemories / available on iOS and Android (+ now, desktop!). San Francisco.

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The relative cheapness of foreign travel means that more people are going abroad than ever before. If you're ever in Perth, come and visit us. Blue whales are the largest creatures ever to have lived.

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Вы увидите больше информации от «EVER Skincare», зайдя на Facebook. The best part is I feel prettier and have more self-confidence!" – Kjerstin, EVER Specialist.

ESC Ever – Esportspedia – League of Legends Esports Wiki
ESC Ever is a challenger team from South Korea. Ever began their season playing in the Challengers Korea Spring 2015 Series 1 where they placed 5-8th after losing 0-2 to OverWM. Challengers Korea Spring 2015 Series 2 went even worse for them when they dropped out in the first round with a 0-2…

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ever advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause–for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." (at any time). alguna vez loc advlocución adverbial…

Ever – что такое перевод Ever
Английский – Английский – Ever. adv. at any time; always; continually, constantly n. wild boar, feral swine v. marry.

ever adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes
Don't you ever get tired? If you're ever in Miami, come and see us. 'Have you ever been to Rome?' 'Yes, I have, actually. Not long ago.' She hardly ever (= almost never) goes out.

Have you ever…?
Ever means from the time you were born until now. It is used with have or had + a past participle. Example: Have you ever eaten a frog?

Ever After High Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
The Ever After High Wiki strives to be an encyclopedic resource for all things Ever After High and all help is welcome. Be sure to read the articles linked to on the right, however…

ESL Conversation Questions – Have You Ever … (I-TESL-J)
Have you ever been to a theatre? (Also spelling "theater.") Have you ever broken a bone? Have you ever cheated on an exam? Have you ever cried in public and embarrassed yourself?

Ever After High (Page 1) – Celebrities – Dress Up Games
Ever After High is a no ordinary high school with ordinary students! All the students are daughters and sons of fairy tale and fantasy characters.

never ever – перевод – Английский-Русский Словарь – Glosbe
en Only enable if running either a firewall that is the sole link to your network or a transparent proxy; never ever use it for a normal router or host.

Demis Roussos – Forever And Ever Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Ever and ever forever and ever my destiny Will follow you eternally. Ever and ever forever you'll be the one That shines in me like the morning sun.

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"One of the Fastest Growing Photo Apps Worldwide in 2016" — Source: App Annie. "Ever, a challenge to Google and Dropbox for storing photos online" — WIRED.

Forever and ever – Demis Roussos | Текст и перевод песни | Lyrsense
Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be my dream, My symphony, my own lover's theme. Ever and ever, forever and ever my destiny Will follow you eternally.

TAYLOR SWIFT LYRICS – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
I used to think that we were forever ever And I used to say, "Never say never…" Uggg… so he calls me up and he's like, "I still love you," And I'm like…

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