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equipment for macro photography nikonHow to macro photography with Nikon D3300 – how to settings tutorial.
What equipment do I need to do macrophotography. What settings do I use for macrophotography? Which Macro Lens should I buy for my Nikon camera? How to do macro photography with Nikon D3300. .

Kenko Extension Tubes for Macro Photography – Nikon AF
Equipment Database. My Nikon 105mm f/2.8G lens gives a 1:1 magnification which is very good for macro work, but some people may wish to photograph images of a higher magnification and truly delve deep into the miniature world of macro photography.

How to Shoot Macro
February 2014 Better Pictures Nikon Canon Fuji LEICA All Reviews. Best Macro Lenses. Introduction top. Therefore, we want a longer lens for macro photography, not a 50mm, 55mm or 60mm lens.

Epic Edits » Archive » Equipment Options for Macro Photography
MORE Equipment Options for Macro Photography. Indoor Macro Photography Project For Rainy Days. I have readied says that nikon 105mm lens,nikon 60mm lens,Tamron 90mm lens,and tamron 180mm lens are the best macro lens to buy to shoot great macro photography is this true.

Beginner's Guide to Close-up & Macro Photography
The objective of this article is to give fellow Nikonians a basic understanding of close-up and macro photography The contents are based on the author's personal experience in working with close-up and macro photography during the course of his professional work, using Nikon equipment of course.

Life Size Close-up Photography | Macro 1:1
Here is a list of what I consider essential equipment for optimal macro 1:1 photography. Both Nikon and Canon make a series of pro quality macro lenses ranging from the standard 60mm up to 200mm in length. I personally use the Nikon 105mm 2.8 VR macro lens.

Extreme macro photography with Nikon 60mm macro lens.
About, Bird photography, Landscape and Seascape, Macro and extreme macro photography, Surreal trick photography. Nikon 60mm macro and intermediate rings. A SU-800 to control the remote flash. The equipment is mounted on a Stack Shot macro rail that can be programmed to take…

Macro-photography: A personal equipment retrospective
Macro-photography: A personal equipment retrospective. by Brian Johnston (Canada). The photograph above shows one possible solution to the problem – a ring light. In this case it is the Nikon Macro Cool-Lite SL-1, which contains 8 bright white LEDs driven by a battery.

Nikon 1 for Macro Photography | Educating Photographers…
Nikon 1 for Macro Photography. March 7, 2012 Jason Odell 7 Comments. Macro photographers can use all the depth of field they can get, and having a longer working distance means you don't have to shove your lens right up against your subject.

Macro Art Extension Tube | Savage Universal
Savage Macro Art variable auto-extension tube is an exclusive accessory for DSLR macro photography that combines the three most common automatic extension tubes into one integrated Item. Catalog Number. Weight. Canon Macro Art Tube. AETC. 1 lbs. (0.45kg). Nikon Macro Art Tube.

Handheld Macro Photography – Robert OToole Photography
Nikon D800E, Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX APO Macro HSM lens, single Nikon SB-R200 flash @ 1:8 power with diffuser, handheld, 1/250th sec, f8. ISO 500. Handheld macro photography in the field can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to photograph nature. The required equipment setup…

Macro Photography Tips
Tips for photographing water drops How to edit macro photos What are the best Canon and Nikon macro lenses Using a telephoto zoom lens for macro photography Photographing bees and butterflies Shooting dragonflies.

Equipment Guide For Underwater Macro Photography
A guide to choosing the right equipment for underwater macro photography. For example, with the Nikon 105mm macro lens you have three times the working distance than with the 60mm, so you can be farther away from the subject at maximum magnification.

Macro Equipment Set-Ups | Ugly Hedgehog® – Photography Forum
Nikonian72 wrote: I use a Nikon D5000 camera with a Nikkor 105G macro lens, and a Nikon SB-600 speedlight with a $30 O-Flash Odd thing I saw a review that said it was a flimsy piece of junk. don't know why anyone would say that as is a nice piece of equipment for our boy toys. :thumbup: :lol

Macro photography – Wikipedia
Macro photography (or photomacrography or macrography, and sometimes macrophotography), is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size…

PDF Macro Photography
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Florida. Nikon D70, 105mm, 1/250 sec. at f8. 2 Introduction. DEFINING MACRO. 6 Equipment. DO IT YOURSELF. Household items useful for macro and close-up photography. Aluminum Foil.

Macro Photography Equipment Guide and Tips
There are a number of ways to get into macro photography ranging from inexpensive to outrageously expensive. Tough decisions to make, especially for someone who doesn't make their living from photography. If you decide you want to explore macro photography you have a number of options.

Wedding photography – Video light for macro detail photos
Wedding photography – Using video light for macro detail photos. lighting gear equipment reviews: Nikon equipment reviews: Sigma equipment reviews: Sony essays & discussions event photography exposure metering fashion favorite recent image fitness flash photography Fuji Fuji…

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Equipment for Macro Photography – Part 1.

Big Sun Photography | Macro Photography Equipment Options
Before you can get started however, you will need a few equipment items specific for macro photography. There are a lot of options out there, but what do you really need? Macro (Nikon uses the term "micro") Lens

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How to do Extreme Macro photography.

equipment recommendation – Budget Nikon lens…
Browse other questions tagged equipment-recommendation portrait macro landscape cropped-sensor or ask your own question. Suitable lens for macro photography with Nikon D90.

How to Shoot Super Macro Photos | Equipment
I'm a big fan of macro photography. So much so that when I chose my first ever digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix 4500, it was mostly base on its macro capabilities. Equipment. Alright! Let's look at what we need to achieve super macro photos.

Equipment for Macro Photography – Macro Lenses, Extension…
Close-up photography equipment such as macro lenses, extension tubes and bellows attachments can help you get as close as you like to your subject without losing What others are reading. Which Brand Makes the Best Camera Filters? Top 5 Nikon Lenses for Low Light Photography.

Macro Seminar: Nikon Owner South Coast: Close-up & Macro…
This will be a unique evening which will specifically focus on close-up and macro photography, one which will provide you Nikon Owner is a worldwide users' group and magazine initially founded with the purpose of assisting Nikon owners to make full use of the Nikon equipment they own, to give…

Equipment for Macro Photography – Part 2 – YouTube
Equipment for Macro Photography – Part 2. My Photo Tutor. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe. Macro photography with Nikon&Tamron – Duration: 4:51. Petr Lunak 21,819 views.

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Insect Macro Photography: Equipment • Software • Settings.

Nikon 40mm f/2.8G DX Review – Page 2 of 8 | Photography Life
Good sharpness is pretty much required when photographing objects at close distances for macro photography. Understanding this very well, lens manufacturers surely do make them sharp and the Nikon 40mm f/2.8G DX is no exception here.

Nikon Macro Photography Tips: Photographing Insects & Small…
Professional Video Camera Equipment for Your HDSLR. Insect photography requires a macro lens that will allow you to focus very close to the subject. A Macro lens, (Nikon calls these lenses Micro-NIKKOR lenses) lets you photograph your subjects at near life size.

Nikon F3 Macro Photography – Part II
Modern Classic SLRs Series : Nikon F3 Macro Photography – Part II. You can easily regard the period toward the end of '70 and early '80 as representing the best era for manual focus photographic equipment.

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