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A light aircraft is an aircraft that has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 12,500 lb (5,670 kg) or less. Many light aircraft are used commercially for passenger and freight transport, sightseeing, photography, and other similar roles as well as personal use.

Airplane Landing Lights and Aircraft Navigation Lights: Specifics…
The location, color, and use of each light is described in detail, as well as when each light is utilized. Most notable are airplane landing lights and aircraft navigation lights.

Density Altitude influence on aircraft performance
Aircraft LED Lights – Experimental aircraft.

Airplane Parameterized Light Guide | X-Plane Developer
Spill Lights on Airplanes and Lighting Groups. Objects attached to airplanes in Plane-Maker have a number of properties – see this document for detailed information.

Savvy Passenger Guide to Airplane Lights – AeroSavvy
Airplanes, especially big ones, are loaded with exterior lights. Here's what they're all for and how we use them! Lights That Help Us See Outside.

weight and balance of aircraft
A typical light airplane has a basic weight of 1008 lb. and an authorized maximum gross weight of 1600 lb. An acceptable loading of this airplane would be as follows

ASN Aircraft accident 21-NOV-2016 Light Plane
Light Plane. Owner/operator: Registration Airplane damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair).

History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Air & Space Magazine
landed a light aircraft.

Big Thrills, Small Planes: The Best Light Sport Aircraft
The Czech-built Evektor Sportstar was the first Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) to gain approval. Wing floats and retractable wheels round out the amphibious airplane.

Explore the A5 – ICON Aircraft
Spin-Resistant Airframe. Complete Airplane Parachute. The A5 comes equipped with some of the Digital Attitude Indicator Seawings™ Water Platforms High Intensity Lighting Custom Towing Trailer.

RC Airplane World Flight School : 4) Checking Your RC Airplane…
Lift the airplane up and let it hang freely – see if it wants to roll to one side or another. If it does, then you need to add some weight to the wingtip of the lighter (higher) side.

Landing Lights from Aircraft Spruce
Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. Aircraft Spruce Forums. AOPA Info & Links. Build A Plane.

Just Flight – Light Aircraft
Light Aircraft for a selection of Flight Simulators including Flight Simulator X, FS2004 and X-Plane. Ant's Airplanes – CAC Winjeel.

Light-Sport Aircraft | EAA
Light-sport aircraft (LSA) and the corresponding sport pilot certificate make flying easier, more Next Steps After Plane is Build. You've finally achieved your dream of building your own airplane.

What is Weight?
We know when one thing is heavy and when another thing is light. For an airplane, weight is always directed towards the center of the earth.

Aircraft Lighting Requirements | eHow
Aircraft Lighting Requirements. By Chris Stevenson. eHow Contributor. According to FAR 91.205, for VFR night flights, … your airplane needs position lights: a green light on the right…

Sport Pilot Ready Kit Aircraft: STOL CH 701 light sport utility kit plane…
…and advantages of a "real" airplane with the short-field capabilities of an "ultralight" aircraft. Sport Pilot Category: The STOL CH701 design meets the definition of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for…

Kolb Aircraft FireStar Experimental Light Kit Build Aircraft
No other light plane kit even comes close. Kolb has delivered quality airplane kits since 1980. Versatile. Build your FireStar as a single seat ultralight or 2 seat experimental.

Aircraft For Sale On Aero Trader® | Buy or Sell Aircraft | New or Used…
Search through more than 400 new or used helicopters for sale, jets, sea planes, war planes, single engine prop, multi engine prop, turbo prop, light sport, homebuilt and experimental airplanes for sale…

Airbike Ultralight Aircraft | Light Aircraft DB & Sales
Light Aircraft Database- Browse hundreds of planes. Far 103 – High Wing – Open Cockpit – Single Place – Small Plane – Tail Wheel.

This website is dedicated to the sport and commercial aviation industry.
Glasair kit airplanes.

Flight Design — The Future of Flight
Flight Design Light Sport Aircraft.

Small Passenger Airplane price specifications operating costs
Jumbo Passenger Jets Mid Size Passenger Jets Light Passenger Jets Passenger Turbo Props Cargo Airplanes VLJ (Very Light Jets)…

Aircraft, Aircraft News & Reviews | Flying Magazine
Inaugural three-day event showcases light sport aircraft in central Florida. The Airplane Factory's newest homebuilt carries four adults in sporty, economical comfort.

Aircraft Kits On Wicks Aircraft Supply
A full two place light plane that retains very good takeoff and climb performance even at gross weight, which includes two pilots, full fuel and 70 pounds of baggage! The airplane provides excellent…

Design & Build Your Own Electric RC Airplane
Step 1: Find a Purpose For Your Aircraft. Why do you want to build a model airplane in the first <p>Im sure you could, just make sure you have a light wing loading, and the center of gravity is in the…

Radio Control (RC) Airplane Kits, RTF, Bind-N-Fly & Simulators
Model Airplane New Tips for Light and Strong Repairs — Quick Fixes for your Giant Scale Airplane. Model Airplane New Veterans Day & Me: A Personal Essay.
Providing general aviation listings including experimentals and military aircraft.

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