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alec baldwin airplane gamesAlec Baldwin removed from plane for playing with his phone
Alec Baldwin says he was kicked off a plane on Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport after having words with a flight attendant over an "addicting" word game he was playing on his cellphone.

Alec Baldwin kicked off plane. Are game-playing fliers a safety risk?
It's the word-game disruption heard 'round the world, thanks to the fact that it involved actor Alec Baldwin getting kicked off an airplane – and the use of Twitter to broadcast the incident in real time.

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Airplane For Playing Game on iPad
The 30 Rock star was kicked off an American Airlines plane after refusing to stop playing Words With Friends. Plus, Alec's rant afterwards! ALEC BALDWIN'S…

Alec Baldwin kicked off plane: A tale of our technological times
…statement from Baldwin's PR rep — the whole Alec Baldwin vs. American Airlines fiasco began Tuesday afternoon with the celebrity sitting on an airplane, using a mobile device to Worth at least 8 points! this one goes to the smart ALECs out there — playing our game at the risk of getting in trouble!"

Alec Baldwin's Words With Friends Addiction Gets Him Booted Off…
Alec Baldwin likes Words With Friends, the Scrabble game available on multiple platforms including the iPhone, so much that he missed a flight because of it. On Tuesday, Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines plane at the Los Angeles International Airport and had to switch to a different flight.

Alec Baldwin rips Donald Trump after angry tweet about SNL skit
So You Want To Bring A Turkey On An Airplane … Latest News. Drake works out to Taylor Swift in new Apple Music ad. Alec Baldwin lampoons Trump after election win. West rants about Trump, Beyonce before cutting concert short.

Alec Baldwin Thrown Off Airplane for Playing Words With Friends
Alec Baldwin removed from the plane," tweeted one fellow passenger. "We had to go back to the gate." Baldwin soon weighed in on his own Twitter account…

Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump Go Tweet to Tweet on Twitter…
Alec Baldwin tweeted back a string of tweets from his ABFoundation account: "Equal time? Election is over. There is no more equal time. Watch Alec Baldwin star as Donald Trump trying to prepare for Cabinet

Alec Baldwin Plane Incident — Flight Attendant REAMED… |
Alec Baldwin claims an American Airlines flight attendant WENT BALLISTIC on him on a plane at LAX moments ago … all because he was playing "Words with… 'Game of Thrones' Set Pics — Jon Snow's New Ally Revealed … Major Spoiler! (PHOTO GALLERY).

Class A Moron: Alec Baldwin Thrown off Plane for 'Words with Friends'
Actor and 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin was thrown off an American Airlines flight Tuesday afternoon after he refused to turn off his cell phone as he played the popular Zynga game, Words with Friends. Flight attendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat…

Alec Baldwin 'Kicked Off Plane' Over Word With Friends Game
Alec Baldwin was asked by cabin crew to get off the New York-bound flight yesterday when they found him playing 'Words with Friends'. Baldwin then took to Twitter to complain, saying the attendant "reamed me out" for playing the game…

Alec Baldwin's "Words with Friends" addiction gets him kicked off plane
(CBS) – Actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight Tuesday after he refused to turn off his cell phone at Los Angeles International Airport. Baldwin was playing the popular Scrabble-like game "Words with Friends" while waiting for the plane to take off.

Alec Baldwin 'planegate': American Airlines may pull 30 Rock…
After the actor got kicked off a plane for refusing to turn off his phone while playing the game Words With Friends, he angered American Airlines Taken of the airwaves on airplanes? American Airlines flight attendants want to ban the popular show 30 Rock after a very public spat with star Alec Baldwin.

News: Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane for Playing Words with Friends
Alec Baldwin loves word games? Enough to get kicked off an airplane? After a few more angry tweets and a day to think about it, Alec hit the self-destruct button on his Twitter account @AlecBaldwin, calling for all of his 600,000 followers to unfollow him en masse in hopes of crashing…

FAA Alters Policy That Got Alec Baldwin Tossed Off Plane (Updated)
Also read: Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Plane for Playing Games. "@AlecBaldwin Mr. Baldwin, we are looking into this. Please DM us contact information," the airline tweeted. Also read: Alec Baldwin Abandons Twitter After Airplane Flap.

Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) • Фото и видео в Instagram
Link to my book:…

Alec Baldwin kicked off plane for egregious Words… – The Verge
Alec Baldwin has been booted off a plane for playing Words With Friends on his iPad. Last summer, game designer Zach Gage — best known for mobile titles like Spelltower and Ridiculous FIshing — went for a walk with a friend, and eventually the discussion turned to chess.

Baldwin told to leave plane over cell phone game Alec Baldwin…
– Alec Baldwin's addiction to the cell phone game "Words with Friends" got him booted from an American Airlines plane parked at a Los Angeles International Airport gate Tuesday afternoon, the actor's spokesman said.

CBC News – Alec Baldwin tossed from flight for gaming
Actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airline flight Tuesday for refusing to stop playing a cellphone game before takeoff. He changed the name of his Twitter account to @deactivated001, leaving his @alecbaldwin account empty and labeled "Deactivated."

Alec Baldwin Apologises To Passengers… | Mobile Inquirer
The whole fiasco started after a simple game of "Words With Friends" turned nasty and upset a Alec Baldwin apologises to himself on Saturday Night Live. Oh Alec your such a (t)wit. "Would you really get on an airplane that flies 30,000 feet in the air if you thought one Kindle switch would bring it down?

Alec Baldwin Kind Of Apologizes For Airplane Incident
Games. TV. celebrity. Alec Baldwin Kind Of Apologizes For Airplane Incident. By Mack Rawden. 4 years ago.

Alec Baldwin and Words With Friends booted from plane |
On Tuesday, Alec Baldwin joined the growing list of stars who have been booted from planes. But Baldwin's exit might be the best one yet, or at the very least, the most relatable considering a game of Words With Twitter quit aside – a tragedy in itself – is Baldwin's airplane exit the best one yet?

Alec Baldwin Learns the Hard Way Not to Use 'Airplane Mode…
"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin tweeted earlier this afternoon that he was "reamed" out by an American Airlines flight attendant for playing the Scrabble-esque game while his plane sat at the gate, setting off a Twitter-storm about the incident.

Alec Baldwin Abandons Twitter After Airplane Flap | Reuters
Also read: Alec Baldwin Says He Was Kicked Off Plane for Playing Game. But, tonight at 10PM, NY time, unfollow me." By Wednesday, the name of his account had been changed from AlecBaldwin to Deactivated001.

Here's The Next App That Will Get Alec Baldwin Kicked Off A Plane
The series includes Hanging With Friends and, more famously, the Scrabble-like Words With Friends game (that incidentally also got Alec Baldwin kicked off a flight to New York). It's pretty simple. You have a board of 16 letters arranged in 4 columns and 4 rows.

Alec Baldwin Thrown Off Of Plane! – The Interrobang
Alec Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight after refusing to turn off his phone. He was in the middle of a game of "Words With Friends" and didn't want to turn his phone off in the middle of it. The captain had him removed.

Alec-Baldwin – Starpulse
Alec Baldwin. Follow us! Check out our social channels.

Hot-head Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight this afternoon in Los Angeles because he was playing a game on his phone apparently past the point when passengers are supposed to have turned off their devices. Alec Baldwin removed from the plane.

Alec Baldwin thrown off plane for playing game. Zynga publicity stunt?
Who thinks that the recent episode where Alec Baldwin "refused to switch off his electronic device" when the plane was leaving because he wanted to play his favorite "Words with Friends" was a Zynga guerilla marketing 3. Convenient how the name of the game was mentioned in every article huh?

Alec Baldwin kicked off plane for game – YouTube
Witnesses say Alec Baldwin wouldn't turn off his electronic device for takeoff because he was playing 'Words with Friends.' TYPES OF PEOPLE ON AN AIRPLANE – Duration: 5:38. Nikki Limo 85,507 views.

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